Feb 6, 2008

Seeing Things Clearly

I love reading books. However, with my eye disease (Retinitis Pigmentosa) its getting harder and harder for me to keep focused on the text. Since one of the symptoms of RP is that my eyes don't focus together, I'm constantly blinking to keep the text clear. As I was browsing the FFB Forums the other day, someone was talking about a new gadget they were using to help with this problem. Its a wireless reader that is the size of a large paperback book, weighs just over an ounce and has 3 font sizes for easier reading. There is no glare, so its perfect for magazine reading. I don't read magazines anymore because of the glare problem on the glossy pages. There are several different brands of these readers and they range in price from around $250 to $400, depending on how much you want it to do. Sony makes one and Amazon has The Kindle, that has more functions and is a little more money. These readers are not strictly for people with vision problems, but from what I've read, this may be a cool tool for me to check out. You simply download a book (they run about $8 or $9 each and it stores up to 156 books! I think I've found my new wish list item for Christmas 2008!!

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