Feb 5, 2008

When Will It End?

In my community (Ocala) over the last two weeks there have been several deadly car crashes that have taken the lives of young people. I wish I could say it was a result of faulty equipment, etc. but that isn't the case. Five young men all died while speeding down an airstrip in an $80,000 2008 BMW. They were traveling at least 120mph when the car sailed 200 feet, overturned and slammed into trees 15 feet above the ground. The oldest was 20 years old. Such a senseless tragedy. Why does an 18 yr old need a car like that? Just because you have the means to buy fancy cars doesn't mean your child is experienced enough to drive it. Then a week later another teen was killed when he veered into oncoming traffic! That teen was 16! How much experience did he have? Just because your child turns 16 and is old enough to drive doesn't mean that he/she is ready for the responsiblity. Yesterday another 16 yr old was killed as a passenger in a car that was trying to pass in a no-passing zone on one of the most dangerous roads in central Florida. When is it going to stop? That's 7 kids in 2 weeks! When will parents realize that not all kids should be driving just because they have a license. If your kid doesn't act responsible enough, don't allow them to drive! And its not just kids who drive eratically - adults do it all the time. Everyone is in such a hurry to get no place! If this isn't a wakeup call, I don't know what is.

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