Feb 24, 2008

Curious About Curry

Recently, I've been reading alot of recipes using the spice, curry. Curry powder is actually a blend of many spices used in Indian cooking among others. It's used in alot of Thai cooking and can be quite spicy depending on the curry used. I decided that a chicken curry dish would be a good one to expirement with. I found a recipe on Recipezaar.com called Winnipeg Chicken Curry. What a great choice! It had all of the curry flavor without being too spicy. Some curry recipes also call for red pepper flakes in addition to the curry powder, but this one did not. For a first time curry dish, I made the right choice. My boyfriend, John doesn't like things too spicy. It was easy to make and only took about 50 minutes, counting the time to measure out the ingrediants and slice the onions, etc. The sauce or gravy it makes looked alot like regualar chicken gravy, but had a wonderful earthy flavor. I served it with rice and steamed brocolli cuts to have as a side. It was absolutely delicious! It made enough that John and I each had a healthy portion and there was enough left over for either one large serving or two small servings. I definetly will be trying more curry recipes in the future.

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