Feb 26, 2008

Mary Kay Andrews New Book Released Today!

Finally, its here! DEEP DISH, the new Mary Kay Andrews book will no doubt have all of the southern charm and wit as her other books, plus a great story. This book will introduce a whole new set of characters, leaving Weezie and Bebe from SAVANNAH BLUES, SAVANNAH BREEZE and BLUE CHRISTMAS to hold on a bit longer. This is a story of two rivalry tv chefs and its sure to be a real hoot! I like to read her books in between others with heavier content. Its a nice change to read something that will lift your spirits and make you literally laugh out loud. This would be a great book to take either on Spring Break or to read over the summer - if you can wait that long! I suppose being from the south, I can relate to her southern characters and the way life is down here in the south. Ever since I picked up LITTLE BITTY LIES, her first book under this pen name, I've been hooked. Her real name is Kathy Hogan Trochek and she used to be a journalist for the Atlanta-Journal Constitution before writing mysteries using her real name. Her mysteries are good too, but I really like the books by Mary Kay the best! Hopefully this will be another New York Times Best Seller!!

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